A 10-day Brand sprint for Soli

Life can be tough and even lonelier for women.
That's why Soli exists - to offer women solidarity, safety, and belonging. Just like an elder elephant guiding her herd in the wild, Soli provides a place for women to feel guided and protected.
Established in 2023, Soli is a global network where women find sisterhood and support without judgment. No matter the hour, Solis are there for each other, offering reassurance that everything will be alright.
Soli's diverse team includes passionate women and supportive organizations dedicated to empowering women in society. Soli isn't just a place, but a testament to collective female resilience. Soli is for all women living in the here and now, acknowledging their strengths and vulnerabilities, and finding unity in shared experiences.
With Soli, you're never alone and always free.

Client | Soli
Strategy | Eden Vidal
Creative Director | Anastasia Vlasenko, Inbal Lapidot Vidal
Brand Designer, Illustrator | Kate Holub
Animation | Abdullah Akhtar