A 10-day Brand sprint for Nilus

All rivers run to the sea, and money runs the world. We’re a team of FinTech veterans. For years, we have experienced firsthand the challenges high-growth money movers face in managing their payment operations. We've seen FinTechs, marketplaces, and vertical SaaS platforms continue to grow in complexity while tracking and moving money become a challenge.We asked, how could we make Money leakages, unknown payments, fraud, and compliance issues a thing of the past? How could we embrace the tension between payment providers and FinOps teams? How can we make money RUN? This is how we came up with our elastic ledger API - our new way to retrieve, process, and attribute money. Think of it as the motherboard for your financial operations. We imagined an immutable, traceable, single source of financial truth - an infrastructure that makes money transfer at scale possible, so companies can create more value for customers and build better products faster. We're Nilus, and we're money runners.

Client | Nilus
Art Director | Eden Vidal
Brand Designer, Illustrator | Daryna Dubyk
Animation | Thoughts In Motion