A 10-day brand sprint for Finaloop.

Brand Story - Growing a healthy eCommerce brand isn't easy. It requires constant juggling and decision making - cash flow planning, logistics, managing inventory & shipping costs, pricing, ad spend and ROAS, the list goes on. We get it because we used to be there too, in the trenches, navigating our own brands.
You need your books to stay compliant and access financing, insurance, etc. but you also need greater clarity. But how will you get clarity if traditional accounting is about seeing your business retrospectively? No wonder bookkeepers are stuck in the past. They only look back, or, maybe they just don't get eCommerce?
You deserve more than accounting. You need flawless financials and actionable real-time business data. You need visibility.
What if you had the numbers you need, always available in real time?
We enable eCommerce founders to save time, costs, and mistakes by making their financials available, relevant, and actionable.
We integrate and reconcile financial data from any data source t0 create a clear live financial picture.
It's time to stop looking backward. Go beyond accounting and know what's happening now.
With real-time accounting and powerful APIs, No person is needed in the loop.
Try Finaloop.

Client | Finaloop
Creative director | Eden Vidal
Art direction | Anastasia Vlasenko
Brand designer | Kate Holub