A 10-day Brand sprint for Dymension

Brand Story - If you’re a gaming studio, fintech company or bank - Plugging ownership into applications is hard.
Blockchain is amazing, but it also has a monolithic structure - you have to tradeoff performance, connectivity, security and flexibility as you scale. Luckily, the blockchain world is moving from monoliths to microservices, unlocking new dimensions for blockchain applications.
To unlock these dimensions, we elegantly reassembled the blockchain stack. In physics and mathematics, dimension is the minimum coordinates required to specify any point in space.
Dymension is Blockchain-as-a-service - a permissionless network of blockchain called RollApps, a high-performance, connected, secured and flexible blockchain dimensions.
We build freedom-enhancing technologies that enable digital autonomy. We believe in the act, state, or right of possessing something. We believe in ownership.
We believe humans should be acting together for common, mutual, or some underlying benefit instead of working in competition for selfish benefit. We believe in cooperation. We’re here to transform how decentralized apps are built, have fun and get a yacht.

Client | Dymension
Creative Director | Eden Vidal
Art Director | Anastasia Vlasenko
Brand Designer | Kate Holub
Animation | Talia Hamburg