Upword is a young, promising company with an ambitious vision - to change the way students, professionals, and passionate learners interact with the content they need to learn. While the scientific understanding of what makes people learn effectively is ever-growing, in practice, learning is still based mostly on a systematic reading of books, papers, and articles. Upword is building a technological platform that puts together the best paradigms and scientifically recognized learning methods, to provide an engaging, more result-oriented reading experience. Put simply, the tools provided by the Upword platform manipulate texts in various science-based ways to help learners learn faster and more efficiently than ever.

When we set out to put together the strategy, there are several different factors and ideas to consider. We wanted to make the brand appear accessible and fun on one hand, but maintain a certain level of gravitas on the other. It was important to create a brand that both students and professionals could resonate with and reflect cleverness and innovative approach, along with authority and boldness. We used both the design and the copy to reflect these elements.

We chose a design that is mostly based on simple elements and used colors and fonts that echo the more traditional print designs we know from scientific articles and newspapers. To add boldness and a young, innovative feel, we chose to add color - purple - that pops out, adds lightness and cheekiness. As for the copy, we went with simple messages that speak directly to the users and help to understand what Upword's platform does and what the value is. We also incorporated various punctuation marks to add emphasis, reference to the features in the platform, and add more style. We are extremely proud of the result and think it is well reflects the vision presented by the Upword team, and effectively brings together the different elements in the brand to create a unified, effective identity. ‍
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Client | Upword
Art Direction | Studio Under
Strategic | Ori Luzia
Brand designer | Anastasia Vlasenko
UI/UX designer | Eden Offer