brand sprint is a streamlined process that helps businesses stand out better and faster in a world full of brands.

What you get

Brand Strategy

Strategy Guidelines
Brand Story

Brand System

Typography system
Color system
Assets library of Icons/Patterns/Textures/Illustrations
Brand Guidelines
UI Guidelines


One Pager website design (without development)
Social channels profile & cover photos
Editable templates for posts and stories
Presentation Template (Google slides)
Business Card

In 10 days, you’ll have a complete visual identity that follows your positioning and expresses your core definition.

Day 0

Strategy Meeting

We start with the Three Hours Brand Sprint - A streamlined session for turning thousands of abstract ideas you have about “your brand” into something more concrete. We'll talk about your past, present, and future. We'll ask why's, how's and what's. We'll discuss values and outline your audiences and competition.
Day 1

Discover & Position

Let's stretch it out! We gain deeper insights into your brand strategy, point of view, approach, and tone of voice. We'll write the brand story and use it as our pillar. 
Day 2-3


Let's find the "hook". It’s time to focus on concept development. We let ideas flow freely while exploring the meaning and essence of things. This will help us develop creative and inspiring concepts to set the stage for a successful project. Happy brainstorming!

a hook is a musical idea, often a short riff, passage, or phrase, used in popular music to make a song appealing and to "catch the ear of the listener". (Wikipedia). Visual design is music to our eyes, and pretty much the same way, a hook is required to catch the watcher’s attention. The best brand sprints are where we identify this hook and create a visual that focuses the entire brand identity around it.

Day 4


We collect images, textures, typography, and colors to portray a different brand experience and commit to a direction we all agree about.
Day 5-6-7-8


One clear creative direction! Go! We'll develop a visual language and explore how it stretches through all necessary mediums of communication - Logos, Typography, Color Palettes, Visual Assets, and more.

Day 9


We will present your entire visual identity and see the whole brand and how it is greater than the sum of its part.
Day 10


We'll refine your design direction to a final visual identity so you will get 100% happy with the outcome.
Day 11

Handoff & Handshake

You have a visual identity. Let's “pack it up”. Shake hands and enjoy the outcome.


Wait, what?

YES. We'll develop a clear vision, identify key values, and go from concept to execution. By the end of 10 days, we will have a completely fresh visual identity. Really.

When is a good time to run a brand sprint for my company?

Run a brand sprint when some brand process has happened already, and there's some consensus around it. Ensure it supports a business goal and fits your bigger picture perfectly.

When is the right time to schedule a sprint?

As early as you can - Like 2-3 months ahead. We're almost always booked with too much time on. That being said, S#!% happens, and it is worth reaching out anyway.

Who should participate?

Your Brand Sprint team must include people with authority and ownership of your company's identity. The “champion” is the essential decision maker who says the “last word.” Champions know how to democratically bring everyone to the table, hear and collect all internal thoughts and transform them into actions in the decision-making junctions. In most cases, the Champion is the CEO, but in some cases, the decider could be another co-founder or CMO.

What should we do before the sprint?

Create as many things as possible to make the sprint run smoothly - Content is king, and everything is content. Your content is content. The UI screenshots are content. And the way all of your content is ordered is also content. We'd love to see the website's content as soon as possible - Your content should be ready before the sprint and before we write the brand story, as the brand story mainly functions as our brief. We're not expecting your content to be the final one, but it should be in high fidelity, knowing we'll develop and adjust it as we design. Also you should run an internal branding session with as many teammates, find the gaps and work intensely on your brand strategy.

Do you design more than one option?

No. Making one amazing idea is harder than creating many different ones and picking one. This doesn't make it easy for us, but it gives the best results.

How are decisions made?

Our process is scientific. We begin with a story and ensure a consistent message. Then, we set anchors and use them to question everything daily. The big stuff is discussed in our daily meetings, while the remaining work, iterations, and feedback loops happen through asynchronous communication.

How do you design a logo?

The process can be different for each company. It is affected by the values and meaning that the logo should represent. Whether the logo holds multiple meanings, and which is the most powerful? Whether the logo is a symbol or letters, why? The overall shape of the logo: literal or abstract? Should the logo be just letters, and how will it look in smaller formats? And more...

How do you choose colors?

We respect colors. Early in the design process, we focus on first getting the design to a stable place. We use as few shades of black to emphasize function and meaning. Once the design is "getting there," we all meet and make a mindful choice. This way, we can see how the colors are used throughout the design and ensure we can empirically judge color palettes.

Who's in Under's Brand Sprint team?

The brand sprint team includes Inbal and Eden as Creative Directors and Kate as a Brand Designer. In addition, there are 2D/3D illustrators and motion artists. We source talent worldwide and do not employ anyone directly, which gives us much flexibility.

Check what our clients are saying about their brand sprint. Thinking about running a brand sprint? Take this, it'll help you kick things off.


What our clients are saying about their brand sprints

David Balsam | VP Product, PointFive

Working with Under felt like adding an extension to our team that instantly got our brand and audience. They're not just creative, they're flexible—a must in the startup world. Their deep dive into our needs showed in the final design that everyone loved. Under blends attention to detail and agility, no trade-offs. Their skill in turning complex ideas into stunning visuals is next-level. The result? A brand identity that not only we love, but our audience does too. If you're thinking about teaming up with Under, get ready for a brand that's crafted to perfection and hits all the right notes. Thanks, Under, for making PointFive unforgettable.  

Shimrit Shiran | CMO, Soli

Inbal and Eden are branding superheroes (and a power couple!) who, in our case, have managed to master the art of creating a vibrant, playful and precise brand for us. Even though we were all a group of Millennials building a brand that went against everything we knew so far, using their almost-scientific methodology, they delivered results that are nothing short of mind-blowing and successfully resonated with our users. Their creativity knows no bounds, and they approached our project with unwavering attention and empathy. If you consider them, get ready to witness your brand come alive in ways you never imagined!  

Yishay Harel | CEO, Dymension

Working w/ Under is one of those rare cases where trade-offs are almost non-existent. Creativity and professionalism come hand in hand with agile and fast execution, which makes Under the best partner a start-up can ask for.

Menachem Pritzker | Head Of Growth, Harmon.ie (Collabria)

I worked with Eden and Ana from Under to develop a new brand for Collabria, our account management collaboration tool. What attracted us to them first was the no-holds-barred honesty and results-driven process. The entire sprint took about two weeks - we went in with nothing but a name, and came out with a coherent design ready to be used and implemented across every marketing channel. The team's superpower is their willingness to break every egg in sight to cook the world's greatest omlette. Don't hire them if you want somebody to chew up and spit your own ideas back at you. Hire them if you want your ideas challenged, broken down, and made better. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll scream, but in the end, you'll not only have an amazing brand, but you'll have a better understanding of who you are as a company and how your customers need to see you.

Maayan Patito | Head Of Marketing, Raftt

I was chasing Inbal & Eden for a couple of months using every trick in the book, and it paid off big time. I knew that when I got to Raftt, there was NOTHING. No brand, no website, no story, no logo (except the one the Co-Founder designed..). I needed a team of pros with an exceptional eye for design to elevate us to the vision we imagined. We've worked with Eden and Kate and enjoyed the ten-day brand sprint and their professional approach. We were lucky to have them as part of our building blocks. Needless to say that the outcome is flawless, unique, and exceptional. If you're considering working with Under- I'll be happy to hop on a call and explain our process and overall experience.

Tzach Yarimi | Co-founder, FaintLines

Few are the people who know how to leverage creative freedom and come up with something truly unique. Inbal and the team did exactly that for FaintLines! Inbal's ability to understand an unfamiliar field with innovative concepts is remarkable, and together with the team, she delivered an outstanding brand identity and surpassed our already-high expectations of her :) Thank you, Inbal, Eden, and Anna! We look forward to collaborating again in the future.

Oded Babayoff | VP Design, Similarweb

During a high-profile brand project, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Inbal and her team and run together a brand sprint. Inbal did astounding work, opened our minds to what we can do, and took the time and patience to understand what we need. Inbal's team collaborated perfectly with our internal designers and created the right infrastructure for us to move forward efficiently with our brand and build up our future brand assets. Working with Inbal I can say we didn't only successfully achieve our goal, but it was also fun tackling challenges together and getting there. I am looking forward to our future collaboration.

Moriel Drouianov | Head Of Design, Groundcover

Under has designed for us (within tight deadlines) an exceptional brand identity that highlights our product benefits and celebrates our vision in a powerful way. However, what made Under such a pleasure to work with, was their relentless commitment to pushing the envelope with original ideas and thought-provoking visuals that turn heads and demand attention.

Nadav Barkan | Head Of Design, Fiverr

It was a pleasure working with you. You really understood the brand and helped us take it to the next level. Very proud of this work 💎

Zivit Katz Benson | VP Marketing, Zigi.ai

Not every day do you get a chance to meet a service provider who fully understands his client's need; Inbal has built an innovative value proposition for startups that need to move fast. Inbal and her staff are full listeners, focus on their client's needs, and provide creativity at the highest levels. I enjoyed the professional process; the final result is no less than amazing - in our eyes, of course:) Inbal I was looking for someone like you and I'm grateful we met.

Tomer Molovinsky | Co-founder, Per Diem

We had a wonderful experience working with Inbal and her team during our brand sprint. From the outset, they were true professionals -- attentive to our needs, and on point with all the deliverables. The entire design process went smoothly, and we never felt rushed even though the timeline was tight. Aside from all that, both Inbal and Anna are super talented designers and creative minds. We're thrilled with the final output.

Mira Awwad | Co-founder, Mirror

We had a great experience working with Inbal and the rest of the team, and we never imagined we would get so far in such a short time. The results are amazing and we really feel they listened to our vision and created a remarkable brand for Mirro! Super exciting to start working with it, and it was really satisfying to experience this fast process with you. Thanks so much!

Guy Salame | Co-founder, Spott

Thank you, Inbal and the team for a fantastic design project. It was a great pleasure to work with you on the branding of our company. You guys are sharp and on the point! The process was efficient, effective, and super enjoyable. You really turned it into a fun project, opening our minds to creative directions we didn't dream of but are SOOOO happy with. You really reinvent the design process, bringing in agile methodologies and I can now say - this is the only way to do it!

Roee Bark | CEO, Upword

Working with Inbal and the team (Ana & Luzia) was amazing. Not so common that the professional level matches the interpersonal level, and in Inbal's case - they are both at the highest level. So besides the big fun of collaborating day in and day out for 2 weeks, we loved the all-around professional attitude: Inbal helped us realize who we are, our values, and our company personality. The design was spot on - upgrading our current brand by an order of magnitude, all aligned to what we feel and how we think. We loved the productive mindset, out-of-the-box thinking, creativity with openness to feedback, and speedy iterations. In conclusion - we highly recommend working with UNDER and look forward to the next projects :) Thank you!

Idan Gol | VP Marketing, Mesh Payments

The sprint was a great way for us to create our new branding with our tight schedule and it takes a true professional like Inbal and Under to receive such high-level results in such a short time. We are very happy with the outcome and our new branding. Inbal is a great partner for this journey, she really understood us, where we wanted to take the brand and was highly dedicated to the process and us. I highly recommend Under and the sprint process to any startup that wants to create their brand fast but not compromises on the quality of their brand!

Zohar Eini | CEO, Port

It was a pleasure working with Inbal and the team. I had zero doubt that I can give WAU the full trust to go wild, and the result is amazing. The identity reflects both our vision and the people in the company which allows us to be very natural about it.

Noga Sapir | CEO, Reflect Innovation

Working with Inbal and her team was a thrilling experience with amazing results. You would never be able to tell that this high-quality brand work was done in a single 10-day sprint. For us as an early-stage start-up, this was a huge asset. Inbal was extremely attentive to our needs and led us in a collaborative effort to a beautiful end result that fit the brief and knocked it out of the park. I highly recommend working with Inbal and Under, and I can’t wait until we get to collaborate again.

Bar Geron | CEO, Balance

It was great fun working with you guys! You are soul players who understand the market needs - efficiency, creativity, and know-how to smile. I could not have done this branding better or faster without you. You are the heart of what Balance looks like, and I highly recommend anyone to drive Inbal crazy as I did; she will stand it :)

Yoav Oren | CEO, Zoog

It was a true pleasure working with Inbal on our brand sprint. Besides the fact that Inbal got us right away, she was able to translate our vision into visuals and give our product and vision a visual identity. She's attentive, detail-oriented, incredibly patient, and persistent when needed. She ended up providing us with much more than we had asked for, simply because she believed in what we were doing and wanted to help us get a head start.
The brand sprint as a process is the right one for all startups, as there is a clear schedule and timeline which is the exact framework that we needed in order to move forward.
I highly recommend Inbal and know that anyone will be lucky to have Inbal engaged in their brand definition and design.

Tomer Biger | CEO, Noble

We were super happy to partner with Eden, Kate and rest of the amazing team at Under. Eden was running the sprint like a magician and he was always there to hear our ongoing feedback and make sure we are creating something with our own unique tune and voice. Eden is super talented, trust him and the process! It made it worth for us and we are super happy with the results.

Itai Damti | CEO, Unit

We're very excited about the outcome of our brand sprint and we highly recommend the process. Inbal took our company story as input and helped us explore different directions in quick iterations. We got great value from Under's creative power, open-mindedness, and hands-on approach.

Noa Danon | CEO, EverAfter

Thank you Inbal Lapidot Vidal and Under Studio for our shared two-week design sprint, for taking EverAfter to the next level, and for helping us tell our story.

Merav Zaks | CMO, Komodor

Inbal was the best partner I could choose to build Komodor’s brand. She understands exactly what startups at this stage need and professionally leads this speedy process. She was able to overcome any obstacles we had along the way and was patient and resourceful in suggesting the right solution, all with a smile :) The result is a stunning brand and website, which makes Komodor stand out and expresses our values in the best way possible. I fully recommend working with Inbal! Thank you ❤️

Omri Shalev | CTO, Reeco

It was a pleasure working with Inbal & Ana, they are both real PROs, from the moment we did the brainstorming till the very end. Inbal and Ana helped us build a strong mature brand that will take us to the next level. Thanks a lot!

Guy Barner | CEO, Tagbox

As a company building a product for designers, we needed our branding to be spot-on. Our brand sprint with Under was amazing - distilling who we wanted to be as a company, and giving us tools not only for branding and marketing but for product and sales as well.
While we had concerns about the two-week deadline, we were amazed at how quickly our feedback was implemented in the project. And most importantly - the final result is absolutely delightful.